Types of Storage Facilities

Do you feel like your stuff is taking over your space? Do you have sentimental items or antiques that need to be protected? If you’re not sure where to put your possessions, but don’t need them in your home, you may consider a storage unit. When it comes to storage facilities, there are a lot of options to choose from. Depending on the type of space and additional features you may require, as well as short-term and long-term options.

Moving Storage

Although storage by moving company is one of the pricier considerations, it is one of the easiest and safest options out there. Generally moving companies will store your items in their own facility that is either temperature or climate controlled, often equipped with security systems. Moving companies will ensure that your belongings are packaged, transported, and stored in a storage facility safely and efficiently.

Self-Storage Units

Self-storage is a popular option for those that looking for a more affordable storage solution. Generally, self-storage units have rooms of different sizes and options for temperature or climate control, and outside units. Be prepared to pack, transport, and store your items yourself. The great news with self-storage facilities is that renters can often visit their units whenever they would like without setting up an appointment.

Mobile Storage

Mobile storage is an option that involves the delivery of a trailer, a steel or wooden vault, or a 12 to 16 foot container. These units are typically dropped off at your location for unloading and loading and then transported to the facility. Proper packing should be used for valuables, antiques, and furniture. It may be a good idea to contact a moving company for assistance with loading and unloading. However, when the unit is removed for storage, it can only be accessed with you contact the storage company for redelivery. This unit can also be moved with you if your new destination has a like facility.

Benefits of Storage Facilities
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