Benefits of Storage Facilities

Storage facilities provide countless of benefits when you are moving into a smaller space. In place of trying to fit everything into a smaller home or apartment that can’t accommodate all of your things, storage facilities are a great way to hold your belongings both temporary and long-term. If you are looking to downsize, think about taking advantage of these storage facility benefits:

Buy Extra Time

When you load everything into a storage unit, you can take more time unpacking and dividing out the things you need versus what you want to give away or sell.

Store Your Extra Vehicles

When you make dramatic change in your living accommodations, you may need a temporary place to store your extra vehicles. An outdoor storage facility is a great option for vehicles and equipment of any type, including boats and campers.

Seasonal Items

If you find yourself really tight on space, storage facilities are the perfect place to store seasonal items. Pack up all your winter/summer clothes during the off-season, as well as decorations and family items you don’t need all year round.

Valuable Items

Climate and temperature controlled units can be beneficial for storing items of value at a separate location than your home. This may include antiques, photo albums, documents, or electronics. However, jewelry and money should be avoided. Think about the security and location of the facility you choose before you move your valuables in.

Store Inventory

If you run an online business from your home, you might need extra space to store your supplies and inventory. Plus, you can write off your lease as a business expense during tax season.

Short-Term Leases

Unlike other rental agreements and leases, most storage facilities don’t require a long-term commitment. Many agreements run month to month, while some facilities offer storage for as little as a week.

How a Storage Facility Could Benefit Your Business
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