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Pinnacle Storage & Services is dedicated to providing cost-effective and highly reliable logistics solutions to the refrigerated and frozen food industry, giving our clients the competitive edge that they need to succeed in an evolving business environment.

Being one of the most reliable names in the cold storage industry means everything to Pinnacle Storage & Services. Our service reputation was built on it. Our commitment to our customers and employees is defined by it. Today, we continue to provide excellent cold-storage and warehouse management services to customers on a daily basis. From how we greet our customers to IT innovation and logistics intelligence, our clients continue to rate us as best in the business.

Our team is here to help, so give us a call or visit us at one of our cold-storage facilities and experience what Pinnacle Storage & Services can do for you!

Why Choose Us?

Client-Driven Approach

At Pinnacle Storage & Services, we are committed to putting our customers first. That’s why we make it a priority to understand our client’s needs, expectations, and goals with cold storage and their business, communicating openly and honestly to achieve excellent results. We treat our clients as valuable partners and ensure mutual levels of success through dedication to our business relationships.


Commitment to Sustainability

Pinnacle Storage & Services is committed to implementing only the best eco-friendly refrigeration technology. Our modernized facilities are built to meet and exceed industry-leading safeguards for the environment, fulfilling our promise to provide state-of-the-art cold-storage services. We are always looking for alternative energy sources and products that provide clean energy, to reduce our carbon footprint and water waste on our environment. By implementing the most advanced energy-efficient equipment, we’ve achieved just that, and we will continue to manage our resources responsibly to meet the evolving needs of the communities we love to serve – our industry, our clients, and our employees.


Focus on Safety

The Pinnacle Storage & Services management team has maintained a commitment to safety performance throughout its business growth. All of our employees are required to go through a comprehensive handling and safety course to ensure the highest competency in and around our cold-storage warehouse facilities. At Pinnacle Storage & Services, our best assets are our people – that’s why we only employ the best in the business. Those who understand what it means to provide efficient customer service and the critical part we play in getting your products securely and safely delivered all over the world.


Benefits with you in mind

Every cold-storage detail is covered in our state-of-the-art facilities. Each feature is specially integrated into our managed cold-storage rooms and even our refrigerated shipping and receiving docks are designed to protect against any possible thermal abuse during the staging and handling of products. The services that we offer match the assorted needs of our clients. Here are just a few of the features that make Pinnacle Storage & Services cold-storage stand out from the competition:

  • Advanced cold-storage warehouse design
  • Integrated logistics handling
  • Convenient access to transport
  • Refrigerated unloading and loading docks
  • Storage and assembly services
  • Inventory management
  • Quality management systems
  • I.T delivery

Storage Services – As a leading provider of cold-storage services, Pinnacle Storage & Services is experienced with working with a variety of refrigeration and freezer temperature ranges. Our cold-storage warehouses can accommodate freezer temperatures below 0°F. Low temperature ranges between -10° and -20°, and refrigeration temperature ranges between 28°F and 55°F. Pinnacle Storage & Services also has accommodations for dry, ambient goods with coordinating temperatures. We also provide product tempering according to client specification, as well as room chilling and room freezing options.

 Handling Services – Pinnacle Storage & Services doesn’t just provide great cold-storage; we work with you to provide professional assistance with all of your cold product distribution needs. We can help with verifying product condition and count, bar code application tags to each pallet, and computer system location identification.

Other Services – Pinnacle Storage & Services doesn’t stop there. We also assist with you order assembly needs including but not limited to retrieval of individual cases and full pallets, stretch wrapping and marking, and pallet module building. Our other services include case weight taking, clamp equipment loading and unloading, cross-dock and transitional loading, hand-stack loading, and labeling and stamping of products.

Find Your Cold-Storage Facility Today

At Pinnacle Storage & Services, we make sure that our partners have access to the latest technology, solutions, and competitive pricing as quickly as possible. We are aggressive in our commitment to modernizing our facilities and giving our clients that best possible cold-storage on the market. Our refrigerated warehouses, distribution, and transportation centers aim for the top of the industry, and greater efficiencies are every part of our efforts.

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