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What types of businesses need cold storage?

Cold storage, or precise temperature controlled environments used for the preservation of goods, is used in a variety of industries. The following industries use cold storage rooms, warehouses, and devices the most. Grocery Stores The primary purpose of a grocery store is to keep available food fresh and ready for [...]


How to Choose a Cold Storage Warehouse

Cold storage is a critical aspect of the frozen-food supply chain – linking the manufacturer with transportation and storage to the retailer. Because of the nature of perishable products, it is important for cold storage providers to maintain their warehouses within a strict temperature range, generally between -20°C and -28°C. [...]


How Lighting Affects Cold Storage

Cold storage facilities combine the efficiency of assembly, warehouse, and office functions into a single space. Not only do they require efficient climate control solutions, they also need cold storage lighting to keep workers productive and operations safe. The Importance of Climate Controlled Lighting The correct lighting helps workers do [...]


Cold Storage Best Practices

At home, most of us are concerned with keeping the cold out. However, when it comes to cold storage operation, the challenge is maintaining a cold temperature on the inside, while we keep equipment and personnel warm enough to function at an optimal capacity. Frozen and refrigerated food account for [...]


5 Considerations for Efficient Cold Storage Operation

A little planning and research can save a significant amount of energy and reduce the risk of product loss. If you are adding a cold storage facility into your daily operations, explore these 5 considerations. 1. Refrigeration Types Vapor absorption systems are great for warehouses that have access to waste [...]