5 Smart Reasons You Need a Self-Storage Unit

From living in a small apartment, to needing extra space for your summer boat, self-storage has been known to save the day for many homes and families. Here are just some of the reasons more people are turning towards self-storage options.

College Storage

Whether you’re traveling out-of-state or a lifelong resident, self-storage can aid in an easy transition out of Mom and Dad’s house. Wherever you choose to get your education, hauling your belongings back home during the summer can be daunting. Instead, students are choosing to safely secure their stuff while they travel.

Home De-Clutter

We’ve all experienced how quickly clutter can take over a space. Homes and apartments don’t always house everything that you need to keep chaos at bay. Adding a self-storage unit into your storage regime is a smart way to house the things you don’t need on a daily basis, while improving the organization in your home.

Cars, Boats, and RVs

Having an RV or a boat around for the summer months can be exciting. However, finding a place to store these large items can be expensive and stressful. Many storage facilities offer secure parking areas for vehicles, boats, and RVs, rather than leaving it in your driveway.

Moving to a New Home

Are you retiring or moving into a smaller home? Storage units can help ease your transition no matter what your situation is. While your packing, start moving the items you won’t need right away into your storage unit. Then unpack into your new home at your own pace.

Seasons Change, Storage Stays

Whether you experience the seasons or live in an area that is warm all year round, you can still benefit from a storage unit. Many units are climate controlled, ensuring the best protection against your most valuable items. Clear out your closet and garage space by storing your holiday decorations, seasonal clothes, and most important items.

How do self-storage facilities work?